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Elegant Interior Design Hand Embroidery


Over the years, Aureate Deco has stayed true to our commitment to creating unique high-quality bespoke textured embellishments that exude sheer elegance and style as well as inject glamour and luxury into any interior. Our works are an epitome of that pure bespoke opulence that your residential and or commercial space needs to get an alluring upgrade. As we continue to push the creative boundaries of surface texture through our hand embroidery, we invite you to get connected with Aureate Deco now and be the first to know about our future creations

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Aureate Deco is the leading maker of high-quality bespoke wall panels in United Kingdom. Aureate Deco creates an exceptional array of dimensional Hand embroidery through the use of structural decorated acrylic that is laser cut.

Aureate Deco staffs blend traditional hand embroidery with contemporary technology by using laser cutting to create abstract bespoke work for high-end interiors.

The hand embroidery is displayed in a non-traditional manner making them valuable and accessible to everyone.

The designs uses linear media materials implanted through laser-cut apertures to make wall-mounted panels and wall deco, which is a bead of traditional blackwork stitch embellishment.

The CEO of Auereate Deco, Erum Waseem is a graduate of the Royal School of Needlework. She graduated in the year 2017 with a BA (Hons) in Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors, and Textile Arts.

She has worked in conjunction with GREAT Britain Campaign on commission pieces for Burberry, Nicholas Oakwell and the HBO Game of Thrones Hardhome Embroidery that featured during the launch of season 5 on DVD.

Erum has worked under the supervision of Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan, and Zandra Rhodes. They featured as part of the touring exhibition “What do I need to do to make it OK? at the craft study centre, Farnham in 2016.

Erum has demonstrated a great deal of understanding and in-depth knowledge on hand embroidery for the Royal School of Needlework at the Luxury Made and The Knitting and Stitching shows.

​She was awarded sponsorship by Madeira Threads (UK) Ltd, a Bursary awarded by the Victoria Adams Foundation while exhibiting her work in Embroidery at the Knitting and Stitching show. Her work was published in the magazine after completion. 



Our experience in the Embroidery industry has provided us with an in-depth knowledge of what it means to offer personalised and remarkable services to every one of our clients. Our Hand Embroidery is not only designed to serve as an integral part of every building but created to make each building develop the impeccable feature that will stand it out among others in the same environment.
Aureate Deco understanding of this industry provides a better and more precise view of what every client needs to have an exquisite wall panel that will suit their styles and preferences. The services offered by Aureate Deco are explained in details below. Feel free to contact us to discuss in more information the best way you want your project executed. Our team of dedicated, hardworking and reliable staff is available to attend to all your needs. Our priority is to make your home appear glamorous and unimpeachable.

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Aureate Deco design and create bespoke sculptured wall panels that are suitable for both interior and exterior designs. It considers the function and forms a design should take before implementation. Building a wonderful and beautiful wall is quite easy, but the optimisation and combination of both beauty and functionality of newly designed bespoke wall panel can be quite intractable. This service focuses on the all-encompassing goal of the interior aimed at modernising hand embroidery through smart, artistic designs.
Aureate Deco bespoke sculptured wall panels are designed and created to help buildings symbolise a unique characteristic that offers an environment that is serene and of traditional tranquillity.

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Every piece of artwork that Aureate Deco creates is designed and meticulously hand embroidered by our highly-skilled design team. This service provides you with a single panel that is framed and used as statement wall art. We work together with our clients to ensure that we fulfil their aesthetic requirements and achieve the perfect statement piece.




The required skills needed to build a good career and create a unique brand in embroidery cannot be overemphasized. The process is continuous. Aureate Deco has developed models and strategies that will help the student have a better understanding of what it takes to bring a new level of creativity to the world through artwork through its in-depth knowledge and experience over the years.

The workshop will provide every participant the opportunity to learn the art of embroidery and also a good chance to create amazing wall deco pieces for themselves and their potential customers.

The workshop will train people on the best way to create the right embroidery taking into consideration the right materials and colours needed to enhance the beauty of homes and buildings.


"Luxury is in each detail"


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We are available to offer you our numerous services, contact us today and enjoy the best of our offers.


London, UK

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