Our Limited Edition Lace design, showing Blackwork shading representing the breaking up of the pattern to create a dramatic effect. The acrylics have been placed into a glass frame and will be gift boxed making it a great gift for any occasion or even a little treat to yourself.


Aureate Deco is a brand that creates a distinctive identity of surface textile using dimensional embroidery onto personalised laser cut acrylic. Taking inspiration from geometric patterns and traditional Blackwork embroidery. That works together to push the creative boundaries of surface texture through embroidery. Blending traditional hand embroidery techniques with contemporary digital technology, Aureate Deco uses laser cutting to create abstract bespoke designs for interiors.


For a truly special touch personalise the design by choosing your own scale, colour threads and acrylic please get in contact and we can guide work together to create the ideal piece for you.


    London, UK

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